How It Works

Welcome to AHN Cares, an interactive platform where you can create your own personalized support network as you face these new challenges.

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Enlisting a team has never been easier. AHN Cares provides a single platform to organize the support you need, the way you need it.

Inside the AHN Cares platform you can:

Gather a support network

  • Enable friends, colleagues, relatives and others to support you as you face life's challenges. A team can be managed by a friend, family member or the person who is needing support. Your team can also have multiple Team Organizers.
  • Get started by inviting team members to join your team.

Share updates

  • One of the most valuable uses for the AHN Cares platform is your opportunity to provide updates to people throughout an entire support network. It can be daunting (and tiring!) to call, text or email people to share the same story over and over again. Add photos, videos and more.
  • Get started by adding an update to your Team Page.

Request donations and wishlist items

  • Support networks want their efforts to be useful, and that means understanding their friend’s unique needs. Clarify those needs by adding donation and wishlist features. The donations feature lets team members help financially or by providing specific items from an Amazon Wishlist. You can even indicate which Wishlist items are highest priority.
  • Set up your donation requests and link your Amazon Wishlist.

Add events

  • Easily set up a calendar to organize what you need, whether it’s meals, child care, dog walking or simply a daily check-in. The Events section let’s team members monitor what’s needed and sign up to help.
  • Start by adding an event to your team’s calendar.

Go home

  • Your team’s page shows a chronological list of updates, events and more. This is where team members will go first, so the more current the team page, the more they’ll want to come back for the latest information.
  • Begin by checking out your team’s page.

Questions? We’re here to help!

  • Start by checking out the AHN Cares Help page. That’s where you’ll find answers to our most common questions.
  • Need more personalized help? The website has a chat feature, and you can always reach the team here.

We are here for you and your support network as all of us work together so you do not have to face these challenges alone.